Device-free quality time with the family

These best-selling books are packed full of exciting activities that will provide hours of fun. Put your digital device away and let your brain do the work! The skills of the future will all be around relationships, questioning and critical thinking, these books are designed to develop and harness these skills in a fun way.

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Fun Unplugged

Books, Futurewise

Family Fun Unplugged


“I am a big fan of Cosgrove’s ingenious book and I liked it even more after I read about the findings of scientists at the University of California who have discovered that “the grunts coming from your children as you attempt to confiscate their iPads or smartphones could be a sign of their withering brain power.”

Roisin Ingle, Irish Times

“Handy for Christmas gatherings, boredom-busting or car journeys, as well as phone diversion therapy, Family Fun Unplugged is manna from heaven to long-suffering parents in the battle against gadget addiction but is also just plain old fun for children of all ages.”

The Echo

“Set the timer on everyone's digital handsets and schedule in some family time where conversations are sparked and fun is on the agenda.”

Irish Country Magazine

“A brilliant idea!”

Oliver Callan, RTÉ

“Cosgrove isn’t attempting to solve the ills of a modern tech-heavy society, although Family Fun Unplugged is designed to encourage kids to find their own device-free fun. There is more to it than that; the book also aims to promote the sort of life skills that today’s device-obsessed children could well be losing out on. ”

Tanya Sweeney, Irish Times
Books, Futurewise

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