The Future of Work

Globalisation, automation and artificial intelligence is changing how we work. Keep informed on trends and insights shaping the future of work.

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Keynotes: Future of Work Insights

Futurewise bring the latest keynotes with insights and research from across the world of work. These talks are motivational, entertaining, exciting and delivered in a passionate manner. The messages are delivered through memorable stories and experiences which leave the audience excited, inspired and informed. Not only live but also virtual. Talk topics include The Future of Work, The Future of Talent & Skills, The opportunities and dangers of technology, The future is hybrid working.

Services, Futurewise

Futureproofing Your Organisation

We deliver practical research solutions for executive teams as they make critical decisions about their futures taking into account emerging trends, shifts in macro trends, and volatility and uncertainty in areas outside of their industry. These are roundtable sessions with CEOs and executives teams to futureproof their workplace research delivered as a keynote or virtual presentation. Topics include: technology disruption, the rapidly changing jobs market, the impacts of globalisation, the futurist view, culture, people, innovation and diversity.

Services, Futurewise

Responsible Technology Adoption

Working with Governments and institutions to build better technology adoption. Through insights and research, we advise clients and partners across industry, academia, governments, on how to harness the power of technology and AI in an ethical and responsible manner. These are particularly focused around policies relating to the impact of automation on work and on the challenges for the workers of the future.

What Our Clients Say

Peter was the headline speaker at The AIB Future Sparks Festival with over 7,500 5th and 6th year old post primary students In attendance. He captivated both students and teachers with his dynamic take on the Future of Work and the skills required to prepare and navigate the years ahead. During the talk, you could hear a pin drop and afterwards, the feedback was exceptional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter, totally professional and insightful speaker.

Aideen O’Reilly, Managing Director Real Nation

Peter Cosgrove greatly impressed the leaders of the InterAction Council when he briefed and led an extended discussion on artificial intelligence and how it might affect the global job market. The Council is composed of former Presidents and Prime Ministers and what was especially impressive about Peter's presentation was that he was able to communicate the intricacies of modern technology to the leaders in a way that they could understand ,then tease out the policy implications of the discussion. It was a communication tour de force. He showed the same skill in working with the Council in our ongoing dialogue with youth leaders though this audience readily understood the technology.

Tom Axworthy, Secretary General InterAction Council | Chair, Public Policy, Massey College, University of Toronto

Peter is a fantastic presenter with brilliant new insights on the future of work. I highly recommend inviting him to speak about this important subject.

Ella Robertson, Managing Director, One Young World

Peter’s presentation on diversity to the board was absolutely superb. He’s a compelling speaker who delivers essential information in an articulate and humorous way. His connection with his audience is riveting, and his techniques for challenging previously held conceptions is extremely thought provoking. His address to the board resonated long after the presentation itself and I am still receiving positive feedback.

Eleanor McEvoy, Singer-Songwriter and Chairman of the board of  IMRO

Peter provided a keynote address on the Future of Work at IDA Ireland’s annual conference last week. The feedback from the entire IDA global team and Board members on Peter’s energetic and knowledgeable keynote was exemplary. Peter has the rare ability to engage with a diverse audience, distill vast analysis into useable and thought-provoking messages and deliver them in an entertaining and accessible way.

Sarah Jane Hutchinson, Business Development, I.D.A

Great presentation to the wider DAA leadership/management group by Peter Cosgrove on in Malahide Castle. Terrific energy and really great insights and one of the best reactions from our team to any external speaker! He left us with a few things to think about!

Kevin Toland, ex-CEO DAA

I asked Peter to address our annual national conference on the topic of the Future of Work. Feedback from the attendees was that Peter’s presentation was thought provoking, fascinating, engaging and relevant. He had the audience (225 women in business from across Ireland) in the palm of his hands throughout his presentation! From the beginning, as the organiser, when I contacted Peter he was responsive to my requests and on the day of the conference he delivered on time and on topic.

Helen Wycherly, President of Network Ireland