Do visible tattoos affect your chance of getting a job?

Peter Cosgrove was speaking on Newstalk breakfast about the effect a visible tattoo may have on interview and job prospects.

He discusses the following in his interview:

  • How tattoos may not affect your job performance but may affect others around you
  • How it is really only an issue for certain types of jobs
  • The Unconscious Bias effect of visible tattoos, even if we do not think it affects us, think of how you would feel if your surgeon had a visible tattoo
  • Conservatism, while many argue that this will all stop being as society becomes less conservative, you only need to look at countries like the US who are regressing and not progressing
  • The concern employers may have about what their clients may think
  • Finally – what to do at interview if you do have a visible tattoo.–ZDYxZDE5NDUyZTNiM2YwMzIwY2Y4ZjQ3ZGJkOGFlZTY=

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