Is the 4 day work week a good idea?

Peter Cosgrove contributes to the Sage blog with his own thoughts on the four day week. Unlike many he is unconvinced of the merits:

The concept of working a four-day week for the same pay is gaining momentum. While the idea was kicked around prior to the pandemic, Covid has given it added impetus.
What the pandemic showed us is that we can dramatically change the way we work, with remote working, for example, becoming a commonplace work practice in a very short time.
The way we view work has also changed, with work-life balance now more in the spotlight. But what could a four-day week look like, what are the pros and cons, and what steps would you, as an employer, need to consider to roll it out? We discuss those points and more in this article. Read the full article here.

Is a four-day work week the future for businesses?


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